Maybe its our world that’s mad? Maybe we need to tear stuff down before we can rebuild? Maybe its time to dream again? Maybe another world is not only possible, but is on her way?

Maybe the truth is right under our noses, if only we had the eyes to see? Maybe the universe is the body of God? Maybe separateness is an illusion and we are more deeply connected than we dare to imagine? Maybe we inter-be?

Maybe vulnerability is our greatest gift? Maybe weakness is not a weakness and strangeness is a strength? Maybe there’s beauty in our breakdowns and the cracks really are how the light gets in? Maybe our deepest growth only happens in the darkness?

Maybe friends really do make the best medicine? Maybe a cup of tea and a cry is sometimes all we need? Maybe our fingers were made for soil, and poetry and painting beat Prozac everytime?

Maybe less is more and simplicity is the sign of unimaginable wealth? Maybe the best things in life really are free? Maybe we were made for happiness, for each other, for love?


(Sam Donaldson)

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