Join in with Mad Pride week 11th-16th september, and Mad Pride Carnival, 16th September.

MAD PRIDE WEEK, various venues, 11th to 16th September Mad Pride Carnival, Pearson Park, 16th September 3pm-4pm

*Mad Pride is about getting people talking about madness in creative ways.

*We want to talk about how mad our world really is, about all the inequality and injustice, greed and violence, and how all this madness so often makes us unwell.

*We want to challenge the tyranny of normality, and to celebrate diversity and difference.

*With Art, music, and story telling, we want to help people share their highs and lows, their breakdowns and breakthroughs, their struggles and successes.

*We want to bring people together so we can help one another better navigate all this madness and build together a more beautiful world.

Up and coming workshops & events:

Calling all 16-25's, come and make costumes for mad pride carnival at The warren Youth Project, 4th September, 1pm-4pm Come and make costumes, mask, and banners for the Mad pride Carnival, at Spring Bank Community Centre, Hull, 11th September, 12pm-4pm

An evening of poetry, performance and puppetry. 11th September, 7pm, at the New Adelphi club. A workshop about Kindful eating- an approach to compassionate self-care, at Inspired Cafe, Hull city centre, 12th september, 2.30pm-4.30pm

For further info or to get involved, email: